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Who Are You Callin' Pink?

Welcome to Teal's page. This page is dedicated to what I've been dedicating my life to for more than 5 years now. My truck is a 1988 Dodge D50 standard cab with the 2.0L Mitsubishi motor.

For those of you who haven't experienced it yet, being a Minitrucker is not just what kind of truck you drive..its a lifestyle. Just ask anyone who is a true minitrucker. It is a lifestyle that has changed the way I look at life. If sparks don't fly, you're too high. If you're interested in more information about my truck, contact me.

Additional Information

Vehicle: 1988 Dodge D-50
Owner: Jeff Pollard
Wheels: 15X7 KMC Hawks(4 7/8" backspacing)
Tires: 195/50-15 Dunlop GT Qualifiers
Paint: DuPont ChromaBase Ford Metallic Turquiose & Clear(7500S)
Painted by: Kee's Body Shop, Harrisonburg, VA
Murals by: Stan's Sign Shop, Harrisonburg, VA
Suspension(f): Cut Coil Springs
Suspension(r): 3" Inch Pinion-Angle Correct Blocks, Mono Leaf, Monroe Air Shocks
Interior: Chrysler LeBaron Bucket Seats, billet shift knob, Velour Covered Door Panels, painted Dash Pieces, and matching velour headliner, billet window-winders, billet rearview mirror, billet shift knob
Stereo: Alpine 7980 3-Disc Shuttle, HiFonics Hercules and Cupid, Cerwin Vega 6.5 in. mid/.75 in. tweater Components, 2 15" Cerwin Vega XL(141.9db spl)
Installed by: Mostly Owner
Other Goodies:
billet phantom grill, billet rectangle sideview mirrors, billet pedal pads, 4-tube aqua neon kit, blow-through between cab and bed for speaker ports, painted and polished engine, smoothed and painted frame, sunroof, Checkmate fiberglass tonneau cover, custom exhaust, Rancho on-board air supply, shaved hood squirters, shaved antenna, shaved door handles and locks, stainless fender trim
Club Affiliation: None