Year: 1999
Make: Toyota
Model: Tacoma 2wd
Engine: 2.4L 4-cyl (2RZ)
Engine Modification:SporTruck Specialties K & N cold air intake, LC Engineering Short Shifter, Flowmaster muffler and 2.5" pipe
Suspension(f): Flipped ball joints with DJM upper control arms, Toxic shocks
Suspension(r): 6" step notch, 4" pinion angle correct blocks, Toxic shocks
Paint: Factory
Body Modification: Sir Michaels rollpan, clear corners and signals, 95-97 4x4 bumper/valance, 98-00 4x4 grill, euro tail lights, shaved emblems
Wheels: 17x7 chrome Enkei Shurikens
Tires: 205/40-17 Falken tires
Interior Modification: White-face gauges, carbon fiber shift knob, Dynamat
Stereo: Alpine 3-disc in-dash, Rockford components
Misc. Additions: Checkmate hard fiberglass tonneau
Club Affiliation: None

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